The Business Development Board not only attracts new businesses to Palm Beach County, but also promotes the expansion of local ones. Although it’s exciting to hear that dozens of new companies are relocating to Palm Beach County each year, it’s important to know that there’s usually several dozen companies that decided to expand their existing operations in the county. Companies that already call Palm Beach County home are a core component of the BDB’s economic development strategy.

The BDB builds and nurtures relationships with local companies and entrepreneurs because they enhance the county’s competitiveness and create 80% of high paying jobs for Palm Beach County residents. The BDB wants to ensure that companies start, grow, and stay located in the County and are aware of the economic development resources available to help them do just that.

Within the past year alone, the BDB supported existing companies through the following:

  • 148 businesses were visited in Palm Beach County
  • 96 small businesses and entrepreneurs were provided technical assistance, referrals, and connections
  • 32 presentations to local forums
  • 39 economic development events, which all brought together the existing business community
  • 307 news articles shared on the BDB’s entrepreneur microsite,
  • More than 10 task forces that engage the business community, one of which is dedicated to entrepreneurship
  • 132 meetings, outreach activity and local company visits in the Glades Region
  • 142 meetings with life sciences unique stakeholder organizations in the county
  • A Visitation Program, which provides one-on-one technical assistance and transactional “matchmaking” with financiers, talent developers, procurement specialists, government officials and real estate resources to name a few


It’s through partnerships and collaborative efforts that we’re able to foster a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem. For example, the BDB’s partnership with GrowFL resulted in three Palm Beach County companies named as finalists for the 2018 Florida Companies to Watch awards, two of which the BDB nominated directly.  The companies were Body Details, Bush Brothers Provision Company, and Digital Resource. The BDB is also a sponsor of GrowFL’s CEO Forum on October 30.

Last but not least, the BDB’s education initiatives build a strong talent pipeline for local companies in Palm Beach County. The Academic Leaders Council, Palm Beach County Internship Expo, Claim Your Future Showcase, and the Workforce Skills Gap Analysis all have one thing in common: Palm Beach County’s most influential leaders collaborate on a shared vision to foster a top-notch workforce. More than 3,000 high school and college students, nearly 200 businesses, six college and university presidents, one superintendent, and 6,000 people surveyed have all been convened through the BDB’s economic development efforts in some way.

Whether it’s strengthening partnerships, making introductions, providing assistance, or fostering a workforce that exceeds local employers’ needs, the BDB supports Palm Beach County companies in so many different ways. It’s simply a cycle of success for business in the County.