Help send Pahokee Middle School off to compete in a robotics competition.



Fall 2018

Pahokee Middle School

850 Larrimore Road

Pahokee, FL 33476


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To Whom It May Concern:


We are writing this letter requesting donations to raise funds for our Robotics students to participate in First Lego (FLL) League Competitions. The past two years, the Pahokee Middle Robotics team ranked amongst the top FLL robotics teams in the state of Florida. During the past two years, the Pahokee Robotics team has participated at the district level competition and each time has earned an invitation to the South Florida Regional Tournaments. The past two years, the robotics team has also shown success and earned invitations to participate at the FLL Florida State Championships where only 50 of over 700 teams in Florida receive an invitation. Last season, the robotics team further exceeded expectations and did an amazing job and qualified for the FLL Razorback Invitational in Fayetteville, Arkansas where only 72 of over 55 thousand teams from around the world receive an invitation to compete in.

The Robotics team has done an amazing job and it is very critical to continue expanding on that success in order to continue positively changing our school culture to one of high academic success.  Robotics is providing our students with the knowledge and confidence that they can excel academically at the Robotics competitions. While competing in Arkansas, our team members felt a sense of accomplishment as they could see that with a little more experience they could gain so much more. Our students were also able to share ideas and learn from some of the best teams from around the world as well as learn about the different cultures and customs of participating teams.

As a title 1 school in a community with high rates of unemployment and 99% percent of the student population receiving free or reduced lunch, it is critical to continue providing our students with the highest learning opportunities possible. First Lego League competitions provides these opportunities for our students. As coaches and mentors, we preach to our students to continue working hard as with every year of experience comes greater knowledge and in return greater possibilities for future success.

Your support would be greatly appreciated in helping provide extended academic enrichment opportunities for Pahokee students. Any donated monetary funds will go towards sending our students to represent the school and local community as proudly as they have in the past. You or your organization will be recognized for any donations made as you support making Pahokee academics great. Your organization will assist Pahokee Middle School with our mission in providing excellence and opportunities to our future leaders.


Thanking you in advance for your cooperation and participation. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our magnet coordinator at (561) 924-6534.



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