NEW PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT: GrowFL Launches Virtual Roundtable to Help Second-stage Business Owners Navigate COVID-19

Through a partnership with the Edward Lowe Foundation, GrowFL is launching today a Virtual Roundtable program that will allow second-stage business owners to meet  April through June to help navigate through the COVID-19 crisis through peer to peer collaboration.

“Right now I really need to talk with more business owners!” was the response of a second-stage CEO when reminded of an upcoming roundtable session. Indeed, peer learning has never been more important as the coronavirus crisis re-prioritizes the needs of growth companies. Leaders must suddenly deal with such unexpected challenges as:

  • What can be done to avoid layoffs
  • Motivating employees who are now telecommuting, many for the first time
  • When moving the business forward, how to avoid looking like we are taking advantage
  • How to avoid feelings of isolation when running the business, especially when holed up at home.

Virtual PeerSpectives Roundtables quickly put you in contact with other business owners, presidents and CEOs of secondstage companies via a video conferencing app. Sessions are led by trained PeerSpectives® facilitators from the Edward Lowe Foundation. The roundtables leverage a proven set of protocols, giving participants a convenient — and confidential — place to delve into their most pressing issues.

In addition, participants may enroll in the System for Integrated GrowthSM (SIG), which provides them with a SWAT team of business experts. This virtual program addresses specific needs in HR, operations and supply chain, finance and accounting, global trade, sales and marketing, succession planning, secondary market research, digital marketing and customer prospecting.

Why PeerSpectives?

  • Trained facilitators who keep discussions on track and relevant for all participants.
  • Structured protocol that sheds new light on both problems and opportunities.
  • Emphasis on sharing applicable experiences rather than advice or consultation that might miss the mark.
  • Safe environment in which to process emotionally charged issues.
  • Ability to get just-in-time answers to pressing problems.
  • Opportunity to participate in the System for Integrated Growth program.

Getting Started

Who should participate — CEOs, presidents and owners of second-stage companies (those with 6-150 employees and $750,000 to $100 million in annual revenue). Participants must have ultimate decision making for their companies.

Cost & frequency — No charge. There will be a minimum of three meetings over a three month period, with additional meetings as requested by participants. Donations to GrowFL will be accepted.

Logistics — Sessions are conducted via a video conferencing application. Participants use their webcam and reliable Internet connection.

Selection — Each roundtable is limited to 15 members. Business competitors will not be placed in the same group. Members may be asked to fill out an application before being assigned to a roundtable.

Registration and Contact Information 

Visit to fill out an application.

Contact Tammie Sweet ( with questions. This program is a collaboration of GrowFL and the Edward Lowe Foundation.

Download the program flyer to share.