A team of 11,12 and 13-year-old students from Pahokee Middle School have garnered the attention of top physicists and NASA.

As part of the research required for their Lego Robotics competitions, the Pahokee Middle School Robotics Team who call themselves the Subaroosbegan looking into ways to manage kidney stones in astronauts, an issue faced in zero gravity. They were quickly contacted by physicists at the University of Washington who were conducting similar research.

However, the Subaroo’s work was light years ahead of their much older and highly educated counterparts across the country. The UW researchers told the students that the work they have conducted took the UW researchers 10 years to discover. Now that exploration could help astronauts working on the International Space Station.

The Pahokee team was able to conduct their research and spark their imagination on the robotics stage thanks to a grant from the Education Foundation that set them on a path for the future.