Aptitude Plus Focus Equals Success For Glade View Elementary Student

Zscore Noel, a fourth-grade student at Glade View Elementary School, made tremendous gains in math, going from an initial level of 4.0 to 4.87. The achievement is noteworthy, given that he is an English Language Learner (ELL) student who recently arrived in the U.S. from Haiti, and is still in the process of gaining fluency in English.

This will be in addition to his first language Haitian Creole, and his understanding of French. Quiet and soft-spoken, Noel’s dream is to become a lawyer. His performance helped Glade View Elementary score big in the Pearson SuccessMaker Program. The school was selected as one of the top two in the Glades region for the highest Average Cumulative Student Gains in the program.

SuccessMaker designs learning solutions that personalize instruction to improve the educational outcomes of students. They offer tutorials, practices, and challenges to promote mastery of subjects, and provide outcome-based data to inform educational decision-making.

The students celebrated their academic gains alongside Captain Jack, the avocado avatar mascot from the SuccessMaker platform. The Division of Teaching and Learning and Pearson Education worked together to bring Captain Jack to the school to honor the students.

“Zscore always reads questions and listens while working at problems with his SuccessMaker notebook. He is always on task and asks questions for clarification,” said Ronelda Arnett, his math teacher.

That sentiment is echoed by the school’s Principal Shundra Dowers, and Anita Richardson, the Assistant Principal who both praise Noel’s enthusiasm and commitment to learning. Noel’s current course level is 5.09 putting him at a fifth grade level. On a total of 385 exercises attempted, he has a 97% skills percentage.

“He is a hard worker and tries his best to do everything right,” said Carolyn Bullard, his ELL teacher. “I am proud of him, he is an awesome kid.”