Established and Aspiring Businesses Come Together For Entrepreneur Day

It was Entrepreneur Day last week in the School District of Palm Beach County, thanks to the Office of Diversity and Business Practices’ efforts to create awareness of entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership. 

The event gives Palm Beach County businesses the opportunity to network, share information, and provide helpful advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Fifty students from Palm Beach Gardens High School’s Global Entrepreneurship Choice Program were in attendance to learn and grow alongside business professionals in the community.

“When you make it up the ladder of success, the best thing to do is look back and pull somebody up with you,” said Dicky Sykes, Director of the Office of Diversity and Business Practices.

The keynote address was given by Shay Berman, CEO and founder of Digital Resource, a full-service digital marketing agency. A coaching panel of experts held court with the business owners in attendance, in addition to informative breakout sessions on topics such as Certifications and its Benefits to Doing Business with the School District of Palm Beach CountyPerfecting Your Elevator Pitch and Contest, and How to Start a Non-for-Profit Organization.

The event helped established businesses get information to strengthen their companies, while simultaneously assuring up-and-coming entrepreneurs that the local business community was invested in their future achievements.

“The world needs your genius, we are waiting on you to show up and show out,” Sykes said. “I want all of you in this room to know that we are 100% invested in your success, and whatever you need, you can count on us.”