A Commitment to Excellence Runs Deep at Pahokee Middle-High School

Guy Tabuteau began his professional career in education in 1994 when he obtained his first job as a Community Language Facilitator at Washington Elementary School. Since then, he has worked in various capacities in the School District of Palm Beach County, and in February 2019, he was hired as an Assistant Principal at Pahokee Middle-High School.

Tabuteau was born in Haiti and moved to the United States with his family, later going on to complete his higher education at Brooklyn College, Palm Beach Atlantic University, and Nova Southeastern University. He has a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management, as well as an MBA with a specialization in Educational Leadership.

“I chose the field of education because I wanted to affect the lives of young people in a positive way and shape the futures of my daughter and hopefully my grandkids,” Tabuteau said. “My core beliefs are respect, integrity, accountability, and a deep commitment to excellence.”

Tabuteau is part of an administrative team at Pahokee Middle-High, a school that encompasses two campuses of students, many of whom come from immigrant backgrounds. Tabuteau’s heritage enables him to easily identify with the student population, making him a positive role model who teaches hard work and discipline. He is also able to provide guidance to students, as he remembers what it felt like to navigate a new country as a young person.

“As an immigrant, adjusting to life in America was a great challenge. The choices I had to make early on in the process affected me greatly,” Tabuteau said. “I could not always rely on my parents for guidance, as they were not well-versed in the American way of life.”

Tabuteau went on to thrive in his chosen profession, and he believes his upbringing has been instrumental to his success. Early in his childhood, his mother instilled in him a thirst for learning that continues to be the backbone of his professional and personal life.

That inspired his long term goal to one day open a state-of-the-art school in his hometown of Jérémie, Haiti. In the meantime, he continues to grow professionally, thanks to the people who have supported his journey and helped him ascend to his current position as a key administrator at his school.

“I was very lucky to find my life partner Carline at an early age and she has pushed me to reach my potential even when I had some self-doubt,” Tabuteau said. “She is also in the field of education, and her continued support is immeasurable. I am also blessed to have great mentors who have helped me along the way.”