The City of South Bay presented its residents with a new experience by hosting “The Gourmet Food Truck Expo” on Wednesday, June 20, at Tanner Park in South Bay. During the event, many residents, including parents and children, elected officials, city employees and other community members, were spotted in line waiting to order or pick-up food from several different food trucks.

“The City of South Bay has always been a family-oriented community,” said Leondrae Camel, city manager of South Bay. “The Gourmet Food Truck Expo in South Bay will further enhance the familial atmosphere of this tiny yet powerful community and bring about more togetherness in the city,” he added.

Moreover, the Gourmet Food Truck Expo was birthed from city leadership and employees listening to the residents’ request to bring something new to the tri-city area.

While local communities out east have had success in hosting similar events through the years, Economic and Business Development Director Nepoleon Collins felt it was time to bring an organized community-based event to the Glades area.

“The purpose of the event is to promote unity within the community in a calm environment, while providing quality food selections and soft music in the background,” said Mr. Collins.

He added that many of the residents were excited to experience the event in their community because they no longer must travel to enjoy an event of this caliber.

On the third Wednesday of each month, residents can expect to see food trucks lining the pasture at Tanner Park because the expo is now a monthly initiative taken on by the city.

City Manager Camel said he believes that this will open many doors for future activities in South Bay because he thinks that as people are getting away from the big-box stores and chain restaurants, their direct-impact relationship with individual business owners will directly affect the community’s economic development.

From seafood egg rolls to brisket nachos, cheesesteaks and chicken wings – the third Wednesday of every month will be known as “Food Crush Wednesday” to the South Bay residents participating in the gourmet food truck experience.
The next expo will take place on Wednesday, July 18, from 5 to 9 p.m.